updates about me and stuff

As we're nearing the end of our Indiegogo campaign for Solid 8, I've been feeling like a blog post is long over due. I passed up so many different opportunities to post something like when school was ending or when we got our producer for Solid 8 or even when I started taking classes again, but I never seemed able to sit down and do it. So what's new? Well, Solid 8 is happening. We finished writing the scripts in January. If you're wondering what happened to that writing deadline from Dan Harmon, we framed it and hung it on the wall so it would stare at us when we didn't feel like writing. It worked. We actually ended up down to the wire because I somehow convinced myself the deadline was January 15th, not 5th. Boy was I wrong. And insane? But we got them done by the deadline. Then through an old friend, we hired a producer, the incomparable Emily Marquet from DC. Through our Indiegogo campaign, we've secured enough funds to schedule shooting the first 3 episodes of season one, and depending on funding, we'll be scheduling from there. It's a little worrisome to not know when we're going to shoot the rest, but instead of worrying, I try to think of how great these 3 episodes are going to be. You guys, they're going to be really great. I'm so pysched about every aspect of it- the locations we're shooting, the cast, the team, the crew. We are so so blessed with these people, and I know we're going to make an awesome show together. It's going to be killer. We even have merchandise!

Other than the show, I've been trying to keep up with my acting career too. In my limited spare time, I've joined One on One, completed a couple workshops with casting directors and began Improv 101 at Upright Citizens Brigade. It's been really intense doing all this while holding down a day job, but it's happening whether I like it or not. So I'm just kinda plowing through.

The first summer out of school has been weird. I keep rocketing between “I'm killing it!” and “I'm a failure” on a constant basis. I'm nearly always outside of my comfort zone- both creatively and personally. This is the first time I've had to hold down a day job while pursuing acting, and all the movies were right, it's super hard. But it's okay. I like the pressure in a way. I definitely feel like this is the most I've ever extended myself, but I think grad school prepared me well for this. When I start to really freak out, I think about the three years I spent at ASDS and say to myself, “You made it through that, you'll make it through this.” That confidence alone was worth the tuition.

So that's about it. Everything is difficult, everything feels impossible. But I'm progressing, little by little, bit by bit. And that's enough to be proud of for now.